Uncover Unexpected Growth &
Avoid Unsuspected risks

Great teams do not use a hub-and-spoke system of engagement from each member to the leader. Instead, the team takes responsibility for every member’s success. Our Co-Elevating High Impact Team program redefines accountability by introducing your high-performers to the power of candor, peer-to-peer coaching, and a team-first spirit.

The Ferrazzi Greenlight way

Our approach is simple but powerful.  We ask: What do we need to achieve?  Who needs to change to get there? What behaviors do they need to change? In our experience, these behavior changes requite a movement toward Co-Elevation.  Mere collaboration is no longer enough. The team needs to go higher together; to be committed to a shared mission and each other.  We also redefine team.  Managing networks is the basis for how work gets done which requires leadership without authority: for one to succeed, everyone must succeed, which requires a new level of commitment, transparency and accountability. It requires everyone to co-elevate with the broadest definition of team.

With more than 20 years of applied research on the human capital side of growth, our Greenlight Research Institute foresaw the impending remote workforce as early as 2012. Since, we have conducted over 25 studies and invested $2m on Remote Working to crack the code of team performance through our
two lines of services : High Impact Teams & Accelerated Change Experience

High Impact Teams (HIT)

HIT is our unique operating system for organizational re-invention via

We have identified the 8 key areas that are the strongest predictors of
high team performance and our methodology elevates them all at speed.

As a result, we find unexpected growth opportunities while decreasing unsuspected risk by unleashing the value from the inter-dependencies of your team across silos

Accelerated Change Experience (ACE)

ACE accelerates your company’s ability to transform by having those people who are critical to the transformation collaborating to achieve breakthrough results. Then, with wins under their belt, they become the movement leaders among their peers.

To successfully create change throughout an entire organization, it starts with only a few. We identify those role models, and together we assess what behavior change most directly applies to the strategy at hand.

What’s working? What’s not? By creating peer-to-peer coaching and a commitment to Co-Elevation® – going higher together - those individuals then become your internal change agents

HIT & ACE are our proven methodologies to achieve transformational outcomes & re-invent how you are doing business.

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The benefit of working with Ferrazzi Greenlight has been our financial performance. We’ve had an amazing two years; particularly the last year. We’ve turned an IPO and had a very successful outcome: our stock price is at an all-time high. We’re winning work at an unbelievable rate.
Chief People Officer
High-Impact Team program has changed the culture of the business and contributed to constantly setting new records of revenue and profitability.
Jeff Bell —  CEO
For us, it is all about the impact these sessions have over time.   The major benefit is the collaboration and trust that the team has.   They are often heard saying, ‘how can we make this better together’ Keith has a clear methodology based on both experience and science and brings it together in an engaging manner where the team feels the needed change and puts the model immediately into action.   Strong recommendation for all teams.
Mike Clementi
I have always felt the need for a McKinsey approach to strategy and a Ferrazzi Greenlight behavioral change approach to ensure our people can execute on whatever strategy is at hand.
Devin Wenig — former CEO
The Ferrazzi Greenlight team helped us adopt a sense of mutual accountability, a greater focus on hard and soft skills, and peer-to-peer support networks all in service of individual, team, and corporate growth.
Lisa Buckingham — Chief Human Resources, Brand and Communications Officer

Thought Leadership

As founder and chairman of Ferrazzi Greenlight, Keith Ferrazzi has spent decades addressing the behaviors that block global organizations from reaching strategic goals and actively transforms them into new habits that increase shareholder value.

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